In our early armed with Italian leather, with the development in Argentina began tanned locally, improve it, as the leather whips but can not be painted with traditional tanning center, two weeks immersing them in containers to achieve the desired color , obtaining and preserving the leather color after being retobado, wet and stretched.

Being only vegetable tanned leather, chrome, our leather developed specifically for the creation of whips, maintains the distinction of being a living leather, but without losing strength or color.

Our handmade whips process consists of a goldsmith silversmith whips develops only for unique pieces, which limits us in the amount of production but we overestimated in product quality, which only experts and connoisseurs of equestrian sports we value, differentiating mass production.

The glass fiber used in our process continues to be imported from England, a world leader in the manufacture of antennas for tanks.

The rest of the inputs used to manufacture remain almost the same as for 3 generations we make whips with the same method. Natural cotton, hot glue woodworking, paper fibers and yarns of flax, achieved a 100% handmade, natural and biodegradable.

Our products have evolved from saddlery products to become jewelry.


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